“mmmmFULL” refers to the cared-for, satisfied feeling food can give us. And I don’t just mean a full belly.

We experience food in ways that are personal and subjective—yet that also connect us to each other in profound and sometimes puzzling ways. 

Food gives us great pleasure—yet sometimes disgusts us.

We eat to fuel our bodies—and also to connect with our deepest emotions.

Eating is as natural and essential as breathing—but often causes anxiety, fear and obsession.

And in the 21st century, some people have any amount of food they could desire; for other people, food is hard to access, deficient in nutrients, or lacking altogether in the pleasurable aspects of enticing taste or community-sharing.

Our interactions with food are complicated.

To explore the many types of satisfaction we experience through food, this blog discusses food writing that is scientific or historical or anthropological or fictional. It includes memoirs and biographies by or about people whose whole lives are about food, as well as writing that just incidentally includes food. It touches on food blogsrestaurant reviews, the words used in recipes and menus. And it looks at writing about the food of the future.

Yes, this blog looks at food but, really, that is just an excuse for exploring our shared humanity.

About me: A former academic, I’ve lived in many different towns and three different countries, but I am now based in Central Queensland, where roadside stalls sell the sweetest pineapples in the world.

I also write for Newtown Review of Books, among other publications.


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  1. Fantastic! I love your posts, very thought-provoking and interesting.

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